HausVac offers annual and biannual maintenance plans for all systems regardless of age or condition. One of our qualified service technicians will perform a 20 point inspection designed to remove all debris from tubing and components while also making any necessary adjustments to maintain 100% efficiency.


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20 Point Inspection

  • Check utility valve operation
  • Check and replace all filters
  • Check inlet valve for proper sealing
  • Tighten all inlet valve screws and level if needed
  • Run a pressure check on the entire system
  • Troubleshoot any leakage found
  • Clean and inspect all accessories
  • Check hoses for air leaks and obstructions
  • Ensure hose rack is installed and secure
  • Adjust all components to ensure Maximum suction
  • Tighten intake, exhaust and line clamps
  • Purge lines of debris
  • Inspect internal motor plate gasket for proper sealing
  • Inspect motor, transformer & relay
  • Clean motor impellers
  • Lubricate movable parts
  • Tighten dirt canister clamps, if needed
  • Inspect dirt canister gasket
  • Empty & clean dirt canister
  • Secure power unit